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Architectural Design

HF Architects provides excellent architectural design services across the diverse market segments for local community as well as special clients throughout Kuwait and the GCC region. HF Architects design strategy is to spread our innovative design expertise throughout the region.

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Interior and graphic design

Interior design is much more than just the quality of a space. It’s more about creating a recognizable environment with a healthy atmosphere under the overall individual or organizational culture. Designing a unique interior to create environments that promote business objectives is one of HF Architects’s main goals. HF Architects provides an elite taste of interior design and graphic services to the market.

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HF Architects trading services is specialized supplier for some construction materials, furniture, lighting fixture and electronic equipments. HF Architects is communicating and dealing with international companies all over the world to franchise or being an official dealer for well known brands in Kuwait and the GCC region.

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Landscape Design

When aesthetics, interaction and illusion are applied correctly, harmony in design will result. HF Architects recognize the importance of landscape architecture to create healthy environment. The variety of landscape services that HF Architects offers include Site analysis and plans, Site level design, Planting plans, Material and outdoor furniture selection, Exterior lighting design, Waterfront development and Parking analysis and plans.

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