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About Us


About Us

HF Architects was established in Kuwait in 2008 by two young entrepreteneurs coming from an architectural and engineering background and who believed in design diversity combined with innovative touches as a tool to achieve state of the art design projects.
HF has continued to grow since its establishment by providing full range of service such as architecture, interior design, landscape and contracting.Our expertise lies in residential housing as well as corporate offices, restaurants, shops and other commercial projects.

HF Architects believe that fully integrated architecture and interior design help increase market value for each project and business, that’s why we offer a full range of services within our market. We also believe that each project is a unique signature of our company; therefore we design each project with an innovative sign.

Design with Innovative Sign

Hamad J.Al Fawaz - Founder


Our Philosophy

Treating each client as a valuable guest with maximum generosity and hospitality to satisfy their needs and utilizing our expertise and design techniques to reach the ultimate satisfaction limit of our clients as well as our design. Each of our project deliveries is tailored to client specific needs. We believe that your success is ours. Achieving that goal comes from our team expertise and innovative unique design and consistent quality of work. Keeping the project on budget and definitely on schedule by delivering all documents and work processes according to agreement between us and our clients.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Talk With Us

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